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Zwart Tech is proud to be a social impact driven business.

Africa, a land that contains an abundance of IT talent offers little access to quality employment opportunities to its world class software engineers. These developers or engineers either move away from their families in search of better opportunities or settle for less than what they deserve. At Zwarttech, we aim to generate equal employment opportunities for all and make their lives better.


Hire motivated software developers
skilled in the most widely used technologies.

Our large pool of skilled software developers make it possible for companies to scale their engineering teams in real time and ultimately launch products faster, while ensuring the optimal quality of work.


Providing the easiest way to find the right, top software developer for your project and/or your team. We only work with senior IT talents within Africa. Click here to find out more about how to hire a top IT developer from Africa.


Outstaffing for StartUps

A flexible and cost-effective program to help startups afford top-notch IT talent to be a part of their teams. Click here to find out more about our StartUp Program.



Assemble a full team that is ready to follow your lead, but working and employed by Zwarttech. For specific projects, Zwarttech executes software projects by operating and using agile best practices. Click here to find out more about our outsourcing options.


In need of an IT specialist for a permanent position within your organization? Zwarttech can find this person for you! This specialist will be working fully remote and thus staying close to their family and loved ones. Click here to find out more about our Outplacement options.

“The best part of working with Zwarttech is that they understand your needs and provide you with a software developer that is highly skilled to perform that task cost-effectively.”

Jeroen Swart
Founder of Leasytime

“Their developers do take your IT team to a whole new level of productivity, and they make sure that it’s a perfect match between you and the developer.”

Jeroen Swart
Founder of Leasytime

By engaging talents from Zwart Tech, companies are able to build better remote teams capable of working on large scale projects from anywhere in the world.


Handpicked from a pool of applicants by the finest talent hiring experts

To ensure consistent results, Zwart Talents are handpicked from a pool of applicants by the finest talent hiring experts using trusted talent evaluation methods and a data driven approach. Our talent sourcing process is highly meticulous and geared towards ensuring that every hired talent is not just skilled in the required area, but also among the top 5% in the market


Experts proficient in the most popular frameworks and tools

Zwart Talents are technical professionals proficient in core programming languages as well as the most popular frameworks and passionate about continuously developing their skills. This way, we are able to help companies fill technical gaps in their engineering teams. We also offer developers on different skill levels, from junior to experienced.


Our talents are trained to adapt quickly to any working condition

Our developers are known for adapting to new working conditions. Our onboarding process is seamless and quick to ensure that our talents get right on to the tasks at hand. All our engineers have english as their first language and work flexible hours so time differences between countries are never an issue.


Mentorships and support systems in place, to ensure consistent delivery

Motivated developers move projects forward more than anyone else, and this is why we ensure that all of our developers have everything they need to remain motivated and happy to work on your projects. After onboarding we continue to provide whatever is needed by our Talents to deliver excellent results.


The easier way to build remote teams

Go Remote

Transform seamlessly into a remote based company. We will work with you to ensure the administration and organisation of our talents from wherever they are in the world. Our team will become your team.

Budget Friendly Pricing

Zwarttech offers you access to the top 5% of hireable tech talent from Africa at the most affordable rates. With flexible payment options available, it is generally easier to work with us, than other talent agencies.

Motivated Developers

Zwarttech talents are passionate and ready to push through their limits to ensure that your product is delivered in good time. With a relentless desire to learn and grow consistently push themselves forward, you will never need to hold their hand.


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Talent Matching

We adopt a data driven matching process to identify the most suitable talents for your project from our talent pool. We look closely at your company culture to ensure that the talents we choose fit properly into your company’s workflow.



We help you integrate selected talents into your company’s workflow, and bring them up to speed on details relating to the project and the set deliverables.

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We are experts in building cost-effective yet highly proficient remote teams.

We offer:

   •    Outstaffing and outsourcing excellence in your preferred language and time zone.

   •    Highly qualified and results driven engineers with 5+ years of experience.

   •    Excellent competence-to-cost ratio.

   •    Best suited talent, hand picked, to leave an impact in your team.