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Boosting African Economy: Top 2 Ways You Can Do That

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Boosting African Economy: Top 2 Ways You Can Do That

13 Apr 2021

Africa is a continent that is blessed with an abundance of highly skilled talent. From qualified doctors to top-notch engineers, this continent is blessed with so much talent yet offers so little opportunities to its skilled workforce.

Since Africa does not offer quality employment opportunities to its skilled workforce due to economic challenges, what can these people do? Each year, more than 20,000 highly skilled Africans leave their home countries in search of better economic opportunities in the more economically developed countries, leaving behind schools without teachers, hospitals without doctors and labs without scientists. The rate at which Africa is suffering from brain drain is quite alarming and hence, this problem needs to be tackled immediately at the root.

How Can the Corporate Sector of the West Help Africa?

  1. Let African highly skilled talent add value to your team through remote working

    As long as Africa suffers from poverty, especially its youth, who make up 60% of the continent’s population and are mostly unemployed, will leave in order to find a better economic situation for themselves and for their families. Therefore, you can prevent Africa from running out of its human capital by offering them to be a part of your team, but on a remote basis. This way, you also boost their local economy by letting them invest money in their home countries instead of settling abroad, while also receiving equal and fair work opportunities.


  3. Support the development programs in Africa

    The African continent is economically underdeveloped. However, investing and donating to NGOs and development programs will eventually spur economic development and will make it more attractive for local people to stay in their home countries. We also encourage African talent to work remotely from their homes. Our business practice allows top-notch African IT talent to work from the ease of their homes in the international IT market. We not only enable companies to meet their future IT talent, but we also arrange programs in which companies can invest in. At Zwarttech, we donate 1 euro from each hour of the engineer’s engagement to selected NGO’s in Africa. Moreover, we have several other programs including Zwarttech Talent Academy (ZTA) and Zwart Talent Entrepreneurial Hub (ZTEH), which our customers can choose to support, if they wish to. We also help our customers to arrange any kind of social impact program they want to organize for the African community.

    Take a look at our current initiatives to boost the local African community here .

    Therefore, it's high time that we all realize the need for Africa to boost its economy and merge with the western world in terms of living standards and economic opportunities and we all should play our role to help Africa and its talent as much as possible.

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