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Changing The Equation: Fostering Gender Diversity In The Tech Sector

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Changing The Equation: Fostering Gender Diversity In The Tech Sector

18 Mar 2021

Diversity and inclusion lead to better solutions, more creativity and more significant innovations. People that work in inclusive environments feel more confident and appreciated, resulting in top-notch output. When we are committed to full-spectrum diversity and inclusion, we get an excellent variety of thought, experience, ideas, and best practices. This is the differentiator that will result in more substantial teams, more innovative companies, and better results for our partners, customers and communities. At Zwarttech, we are proud to overcome discriminations, stereotypes and unconscious biases by being aware of what it truly means to be inclusive. Therefore, we value diversity and inclusion.

Bridging the gender gap in the tech sector

We are proud of how women in Zwarttech are working shoulder to shoulder with men in equally important roles. 50% of our workforce comprises women from different backgrounds, religions, races, colours, countries, and cultures. However, when it comes to the IT sector, we are working hard to bridge the gender gap in this sector.

Zwarttech encourages female representation in the tech sector, especially in Africa, where women are underrepresented. In Africa, the IT sector has been largely comprised of males. However, we are working hard and intentionally creating a more diverse IT talent pool of women introduced into the western workforce, encouraging more female tech ex-pat in the markets we supply.

We are working hard to empower women and provide them with access to quality international job opportunities. At times, we understand that women find it challenging to leave their home countries to find better employment opportunities abroad or settle for less than what they deserve in their home countries compared to men. But not anymore! We at Zwarttech understand your struggles. We are here to empower you to seize international opportunities in the global IT market from the ease of your homes or our local office in your home counties in Africa.

We provide you with access to work shoulder to shoulder with men in the global IT industry and prove that women are no less than men when developing software!

Therefore, if you are a female IT professional from Africa and this post resonates with you, click here to apply as an IT talent, and our recruitment team will be in touch with you shortly.

Innovating, educating and building the next generation of women in IT

From day one, Zwarttech has been keen to empower women in the tech sector. According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, more than half of all the girls say that they don’t typically consider a career in science, technology, engineering, or math. At Zwarttech, we can change that with nonprofit partners like Zwarttech Talent Academy (ZTA). We aim to inspire girls to discover a passion for technology and engineering by teaching them Technological skills for free. Zwart Tech commits 5hrs a week of its best Senior Technical employees to train at ZTA for free. Click here to learn more about our direct social return.

Therefore, be it our internal workplace or external service providers, we take steps to become more and more diverse every day. At Zwarttech, every voice is heard, everyone is free to express themselves, everyone feels respected and most importantly, everyone is important and that everyone matters.

Watch our diversity video below.

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