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Empowering Engineers to Seize Equal and Fair Global Employment Opportunities

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Empowering Engineers to Seize Equal and Fair Global Employment Opportunities

22 Mar 2021

Zwarttech was founded to bridge the rising tech talent gap between Africa and the West. We envision a future where every African talent, like you, is empowered to seize high-quality international opportunities like your counterparts living in the Western world. Therefore, through Zwarttech, we provide you with a platform to be a part of the global IT market.

Did you grab a fair opportunity or just settled for whatever came your way?

Africa is a blessed continent with an abundance of a youthful population and highly skilled IT talent. However, the African economy fails to generate enough quality employment vacancies for its skilled human capital. Therefore, IT engineers or developers like you either move away from your home countries, leaving behind your loved ones searching for quality jobs or, in the worst case, tend to settle in your home countries for less than what you deserve.

However, at Zwarttech, we recognise your digital skills and efforts, and we understand your struggles to secure your careers. We are here to provide you with access to high-quality international employment opportunities in Europe, the USA and the UK. Our remote working business model allows you to remotely access the global IT market from the comfort of your home or our local office.

Therefore, if you are a skilled IT engineer or developer, click on this link to apply, and our recruitment team will be in touch with you shortly.

Why work with Zwarttech?

Zwarttech is a social impact-driven organisation to work towards the betterment of the African continent. We aim to enable Africa-based IT talent working in the international IT market on a fair payscale and reasonable basis. Moreover, we aim to do so by not detaching you from your families and allowing you to work remotely. We are here to organise everything for you - starting from finding an employer to managing your new job (project- or permanent basis). All you need to do is submit your application to us and let our recruiters take care of everything for you.

Here are just some of the benefits of working with Zwarttech:

1.    Access to the global IT market
2.    Work internationally through our remote work model or in our local office
3.     Contribute to fair working conditions
4.     Enjoy a healthy, conducive work environment
5.     Engage and collaborate with international partners/colleagues
6.     A suitable work-life balance to make sure you experience an excellent quality of life
7.     Chance to boost your local African economy
8.     Great international exposure

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