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Goal 1. No Poverty.

Goal 1. No Poverty

Much has been done to tackle global poverty as of late, with rates falling from nearly 40% in 1990 to about 10% in 2015, but despite this, there is still much to be done (Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere, 2020). Furthermore, the current situation of the global pandemic Covid-19 puts a lot of the recent progress at risk, with some worst-case-scenario projections estimating that half a billion people could fall into poverty, causing an increase in poverty for the first time since 1990 (Sumner et al., 2020). It is also likely that we will be dealing with the ramifications of the pandemic for many years, similar to how it took many years for the economy to recover after the financial crisis of 2007-2008. Developing nations are at the greatest risk of increases in extreme poverty during pandemics and are often left with a trade-off between poverty or a significantly higher risk of catching the virus (Bargain & Aminjonov, 2020). High levels of poverty have been found to be a key factor in increasing the speed and spread of Covid-19 and appear to be the main motivation for a lack of reduction of work mobility. Essentially, those who are living in poverty simply do not have the financial means and resources to protect themselves by isolating as they must carry out various daily labour activities to survive. This means that workers in areas or sectors with high poverty are more likely to catch and potentially die from Covid-19, or potentially starve due to a lack of work or ability to work. Both options are dangerous for individuals and the economy. There have been very high rates of unemployment due to many sectors shutting down due to Covid-19 and it is uncertain whether these will return after the pandemic is over. Unemployment can push a lot of people into the extreme poverty category, which is worrying. People who became unemployed whilst already living in poverty are at particularly high risk as they have little to no savings to fall back on and will likely struggle with day to day living costs.

We at ZwartTech have chosen to address this problem by providing higher wages to our software engineers than the locally available rates. Our engineers are largely based in developing countries as this allows us to support those most affected by poverty and the fallout of the global pandemic. We provide a comfortable living wage that can support an individual and their family as we pay 32% more than local wages. Due to the nature of our work being remotely based, the income from the higher wages stays within the African economy which helps to elevate whole communities. We believe that through paying significantly higher wages, we will give individuals the power to elevate local communities through the support of local businesses. We also help the businesses that we partner with in these countries. This can be through hiring partners or security check companies that conduct securities checks on engaged IT engineers we engage.

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