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Goal 10. Reduced Inequality

Goal 10. Reduced Inequality

Whilst efforts have been made to reduce inequality it still persists in many forms. This can be cultural or legislative prejudice based on race, gender, sex, disability, class, religion, sexual orientation and ethnicity. Inequality is actually rising for 70% of the population which is a clear indicator that changes must be made immediately (“Reduce inequality within and among countries”, 2020). Inequality among groups is a driving force for increased tensions among groups which can often lead to violence and crime (Osborne et al., 2019). Inequality must be addressed as we cannot have a prosperous world that exploits and leaves behind entire groups of people.

ZwartTech is committed to a reduction in inequality and we ensure not to discriminate while hiring and in the workplace. ZwartTech is an inclusive company and welcomes people from different countries, races, religions, genders and people with disabilities. We are reducing inequality between countries by integrating people of different nationalities and cultures into the same workforce which addresses inequality in both a practical and emotional sense. There is more equality in opportunity regarding the quality of jobs, and through the cultural exchange at the job, perceptions of Africa and the African workforce will change for the better.

We also are trying to address inequality with the name of the company. We are aware that “Zwart” (meaning black in English), holds some negative connotations in the Netherlands for two reasons. Firstly, black has held negative connotations for a long time in Western culture, due in part to prejudice towards people of colour. Secondly, the word Zwart specifically holds a negative connotation in the Netherlands due to the character “Zwarte Piet”, which has been a salient controversial topic recently. We aim to challenge these perceptions and take back the meaning of zwart and black. We believe that through our good practice, we can change negative perceptions of black(Zwart) for the better, both in the Netherlands and around the world.

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