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Goal 3. Good Health and Wellbeing

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Goal 3. Good Health and Wellbeing

Ensuring good health and wellbeing is key to helping people live long happy lives. Considering that we are currently in a health crisis with Covid-19, this is an even more pressing concern, although it was a pressing concern before the pandemic. Covid-19 has also highlighted how one health crisis can push people into poverty and bankruptcy in rich and poor countries alike (“Good health and Wellbeing: Why it matters”, 2020). Recent efforts to improve health and wellbeing have had some success, such as a reduction in maternal and child mortality, the reduction of some infectious diseases and an increase in immunization. However, currently, only between one third and half of the world is covered by essential health care so there is clearly much to be done (“Good health and Wellbeing: Why it matters”, 2020).

ZwartTech is helping to shield and protect people from the pandemic as all employees are encouraged to work from home. This is perhaps the most important strategy in the face of the global health crisis caused by Covid-19. We recommend exercising extreme precautions at all times, such as wearing masks when out of the home and avoiding skin to skin physical contact when greeting people. Zwarttech will continue to work largely remotely after the pandemic which will help to shield against future global health crises, as well as reducing the risk of more common viruses such as the flu. In our effort to ensure good health and wellbeing among our workforce, we provide our engineers with healthcare and health insurance. Furthermore, the opportunity to work remotely has been proven to be better for employees’ mental wellbeing than relocating to a different country, which can lead to isolation and in turn depression and anxiety (Truman et al., 2011). It is also particularly difficult for children who have to move countries due to a parents profession as it has been found that there is an association between relocation and poorer subsequent mental health (Morris et al., 2017). We are not only supporting our employees’ mental health but also their families whose living conditions would be uprooted if the employees were required to move overseas.

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