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Goal 4. Quality Education

Goal 4. Quality Education

A quality education is paramount to a prosperous society. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, advancements had been made in the provision of education globally. For example, the percentage of children and youths that were out of education dropped from 26% in 2000 to 17% in 2018 (Division, 2020). However, it is likely that due to increased poverty after the pandemic, many families will require their children to work and as such these improvements will probably drop. Children in developing countries are at particularly high risk of this, which only proves to increase the education gap between countries. Because of the pandemic, 90% of all students globally were out of school. Whilst remote learning options were available for many, 1 out of 5 schools were not able to provide this. Furthermore, children living in poverty may not have access to resources enabling them to learn remotely and often have poor computer-based skills even when they can get access, which can limit the effectiveness of remote learning (Azevedo et al., 2020). Many children relied on school meals as a form of sustenance and so the closures of schools have also contributed to increasing hunger and poverty. As such it is expected that Covid-19 will set back educational development in a significant way.

At ZwartTech, we are making efforts to limit the set back in educational development, made worse by Covid-19, and help to foster a better informed workforce post pandemic. Because the wages provided by ZwartTech are sufficient to support a family, this allows for the children and partners of software engineers to have the time to engage in education. We believe that by creating prosperous job opportunities, we are motivating more individuals to complete higher education. Throughout our onboarding process, we provide the engineer with any and all resources they need to acclimatise to the job and perform at the best of their ability. We believe that this helps the employee assimilate quicker into the new workforce and removes some of the stress of new work culture. ZwartTech facilitates opportunities for software engineers to test their abilities and expand their knowledge at work. We believe that all employees should keep learning at work as this helps to keep people engaged in their role and fosters innovation. This is especially important within the software development field as it is always being advanced by innovative minds, and therefore to stay ahead of the curve engineers must always be learning and keeping up to date with the latest discoveries.

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