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Goal 5. Gender Equality

Goal 5. Gender Equality

Gender equality is an important global issue, as sexism, prejudice and violence towards Women and Trans people have been very common throughout written history. Recently some important improvements have been made, such as more women in education, and more explicit laws ensuring gender equality in the workplace in some countries (Asher & Sijapati Basnett, 2016). Whilst there have been 274 legal and regulatory reforms in 131 countries there is still much work to be done, both in a regulatory sense and a more social and cultural sense. 1 in 5 women experience domestic or sexual violence from an intimate partner during a 12 month period, indicating that there is still a strong inequality that is commonplace (Asher & Sijapati Basnett, 2016). Women are also particularly at risk due to Covid-19 as they make up the majority of front line nurses, and domestic violence victims can be trapped at home with their abuser with no help due to services closing because of the pandemic.

ZwartTech is committed to gender equality across the board. We do not discriminate at all based on sex, gender, or anything else for that matter. We ensure that all genders receive the same pay and opportunities within our business and simply put, we let people’s skills speak for them. We pride ourselves on being diverse in both people and thought. Our decision makers are made up of a diverse and inclusive group and this trend continues throughout the workforce. Furthermore, we will not tolerate any sexist or discriminatory language or behaviour in the workplace and encourage employees to speak up if they experience this. We ensure that there is appropriate maternity leave, and also paternity leave, for all employees both overseas and in the Netherlands. Furthermore, ZwartTech actively collects anonymous surveys among its employees to make sure the formal power structure does not stop the unheard from being heard. We understand that the tech industry has historically been a male dominated field, and as such we believe that it is vital that we ensure that all genders have a voice, that this voice is heard, and that every engineer has an equal opportunity to be engaged by a company. We believe that our efforts towards gender equality will help to target more systemic levels of inequality. The Netherlands global gender gap index score dropped between 2019 and 2020 so we are hoping that our efforts to be gender inclusive will address this. Some of the African nations where the engineers we work with are based have some of the lowest global gender gap index scores, and therefore we expect that the measures we have taken will have a greater impact as there is more room for progress.

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