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Goal 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

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Goal 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth

It is important to foster economic growth and decent work as they are linked to improvements in living standards and ensure that as many people as possible have access to a good job with a fair wage. Decent work refers to ensuring that employees have safe conditions, job security, a fair income, prospects for growth and development and social protection for families. With another global recession on the horizon due in part to Covid-19, it is important that steps are taken to protect employees and try to repair the economy.

At ZwartTech we provide software engineers with high-quality work that will make the best use of their abilities. These are engineers that often have little to no access to quality jobs that make the best use of their talents, for a comfortable fair wage. We are helping to connect them with organizations where they can make the most positive impact. There are also opportunities for growth within jobs, as engineers are able to gain experience and new skills which will set them up for even better jobs in the future. By connecting incredible talent in Africa with innovative start-ups, scale ups, big corporate firms and International organizations, we are contributing to the individual’s personal development, the development of the tech industry, and the economy (Kitsios & Kamariotou, 2018). We are able to foster economic growth by providing more income to engineers in Africa, whilst allowing for savings to be made by employers in the West.

We are also providing decent work for our internal business. ZwartTech pays competitive wages and rewards and motivates creativity. ZwartTech is able to provide secure employment with educational support to help spark innovation and in turn, economic growth. We believe that thinking creatively and keeping up with advancements in the tech industry helps us to find a new way of working that is better for the employee, the business and ultimately the economy. We are helping to fill the growing Western tech gap, where there is more demand for talented engineers than there are the personnel (Vanson Bourne, 2020). 82% of respondents in 8 surveyed western countries said that there is a software skills gap, whereby there is a higher demand for engineers than there is a supply This provides a large highly skilled workforce to support the existing software engineers in the west.

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