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Goal 9. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

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Goal 9. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

It has been shown that innovation and industry development are key to progressing the economy and finding solutions to environmental challenges (“INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE: WHY IT MATTERS”, 2020). There have been positive signs that industry innovation and infrastructure are being addressed, such as an increase in mobile phone access and access to the internet. However, despite 54% of the global population using the internet, only 19% of the population in less developed countries have access, which indicates that we must continue with the progress that has been made until the gap between the highly developed and less developed countries is diminished.

ZwartTech is proud to be working in one of the fastest-growing and progressing industries. Software development is helping to make many technological processes easier, faster and more energy-efficient. These advancements can create opportunities for the generation of employment and income in new sectors. Through connecting the smartest software developers to companies around the world, and ensuring they are well equipped for their role, we are helping to foster innovation within the technology field. We also facilitate a technological transfer for western information technology companies that want to enter into the African market, by networking and learning from African engineers.

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