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Human Being or Being Human:
How We Value Humanity?

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Human Being or Being Human: How We Value Humanity?

09 Mar 2021

You might be wondering about the difference between a human being and being human. However, we believe that there is a thin line between both of them; we are born as human beings but being human is something that we decide to do.

So let’s take a moment to reflect on if we truly are being humans in our daily lives. Not only us, but what about the modern corporates, are they valuing humanity?

A Human-Centered Business Model

So we at Zwarttech, reflected upon this and we are proud to be a corporation that values humanity. We consider our business to be a human-centered corporation with an aim to leave an impact on the lives of everyone we work with. We put people, including our employees, talent, partners and customers at the centre of our business model. There is a 360- degree care for the well-being and satisfaction of the people involved with us. We make sure to speak to the hearts and minds of people while fostering meaningful relationships with them.

At the same time, we believe that all humans are equal in fundamental worth and moral status. Consequently, people have a fundamental human right to be treated equally and enjoy equal opportunities. Therefore, To ensure a humane environment, we provide the opportunity for the enjoyment of family life, healthy lifestyle, decent work, safe work environment, and personal development. Humanity and equality are in our DNA, and we proudly represent and express this through our organisation, services and partnerships.

Why work with us?

Working with us truly means making a difference in the world where it matters. Every day at Zwarttech we take little steps and play our part towards the betterment of the African continent. We envision a future where skilled African talent is blessed with equal economic opportunity as their counterparts living in economically developed nations. Therefore, the more businesses realize the need to bridge the gap between Africa and the West, the sooner we will be able to bridge this talent gap and enable the African community to practise their fundamental human rights for equal and fair work while experiencing a great quality of life. Not only this, but letting these talents to work from home, we make sure to not detach them from their families while at the same time eradicating the chances of draining Africa out of its skilled human capital.

Thus, this is the time to unleash the power of humanity. We are proud to value humanity and we consider it to be a key factor in accelerating our business success. So now it's your turn to take out a moment and reflect if your business is valuing humanity and the possible steps you can take towards being human, if needed.

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