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Join Zwarttech and Save Africa From Diminishing Its Human Capital

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Join Zwarttech and Save Africa From Diminishing Its Human Capital

29 Mar 2021

Africa is a blessed continent with an abundance of highly skilled human capital. From qualified doctors to top-notch engineers like you, this continent is blessed with so much talent yet offers so few opportunities to its skilled workforce. This economic failure results in professional talents leaving your home countries, in search for better opportunities abroad; leaving behind schools without teachers, hospitals without doctors and labs without scientists. Africa is currently suffering from this rising phenomenon called “Brain Drain”, and the rate at which Africa is suffering from it is pretty alarming.

Become a Zwarttech talent and secure your career without the need to move abroad

We aim to sustainably bridge the tech gap between Africa and the West by providing African IT talents like you, with an opportunity to work from home in the international IT market. We are here to give you access to work in the global IT market from the comfort of your home or our local office. With us, you get to enjoy your family life by living in your home countries, surrounded by your loved ones and simultaneously showcasing your talent internationally. Hence, there is 360-degree care and wellbeing of the talents working with us. So, are you ready to showcase your talent internationally and work with partners across the globe? If yes, don’t hesitate to apply as Zwarttech Talent and our recruitment team will be in touch with you shortly.

Boost your local economy while working in the global IT market

The employment opportunities and offers in the West might tempt you to move abroad, towards more economically developed countries. However, we understand how difficult it could be for you to leave your loved ones and move to places you have never been to. Therefore, we bring you those high-quality job opportunities the West has to offer and enable you to work together with your international colleagues remotely while being in your home countries. This way, you get a chance to expose yourself internationally, and at the same time, you boost your local economy by preventing Africa from running out of its human capital.

Why wait to seize opportunities?

We at Zwarttech envision a future where every African talent like you has the opportunity to exercise their fundamental human rights for equal and fair work and experience an excellent quality of life like those living in the West. We aim to empower Africa-based IT talent to seize opportunities to work with partners worldwide on an equal and fair basis. Therefore, don’t hesitate to join Zwarttech as an IT talent and pave your way towards success by securing your future through decent work and, in turn, help uplift Africa out of poverty.

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