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Tips to landing your first developer job

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Tips to landing your first developer job

May 21, 2020

When you’re just getting started, it seems like it’s impossible to break into the market. Everybody wants to hire somebody with experience. How do you get that experience if nobody will hire a developer with no experience?

1. Tailor your resumé and cover letter

Job hunting is extremely time-consuming, which is the reason why you should optimize your resume and cover letter to what your employers are looking for. When tailoring your resumé and cover letter to each job you apply for, you have to pay attention to:

– Vocabulary: Pick out the most important keywords from the job description and optimize your resumé for those exact terms. You might focus on the following keywords: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Design Thinking, agile development, JQuery, willing to travel.

– Highlighting the right skills: In both your resumé and cover letter, it’s important to highlight the skills and experience that match you to the job. Even if you have an impressively broad skillset, emphasize those skills that are essential to the role.

– Providing relevant examples: Instead of declaring yourself “an excellent team player”, provide concrete examples of when you’ve demonstrated this.

2 Build your own portfolio website.

As a web developer, you need an online presence. You’ve gotta prove that you know how to develop a website. So start building your own portfolio website in plain HTML and CSS. Register your domain, pay for a cheap web hosting. Make simple designs for yourself on paper or a design tool you prefer.

After you build your website upload it to your web hosting. Now you can show the world your projects and websites!

3. Always document your journey

If you want employers to start listening to you, you have to show up. What it means by this is there are a lot of junior developers out there who aren’t producing enough articles or pieces of content that explains their journey as a junior developer. You can show your personality for a potential employer by keeping an online journal of the things you have learned.

4. Keep Practicing till you can live code on the spot.

In your new role, you’re going to be asked to write code every day. You need to be ready to prove you can do it when you walk in for the interview. The fact is, you’ll learn most of what you need to know to be productive on the job, but the sad reality is that employers don’t care. They want you to hit the ground running, even as an entry-level junior developer. You need to learn as much as you can before you step into the interview.

5. Work on your people skills.

Know how to make friends, collaborate, and present yourself well. This will show your potential employers that you are a team player, thereby boosting your chances of getting the job.

Also, learn and practice empathy. Make it part of your personal brand. Empathy is the most important skill a software developer can have.

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