The Story

Note from Our Founder

The name Zwarttech comes from the need to bring about positive reinforcement associated with the term black (“Zwart” in Dutch). We want to show the beauty and intelligence in Africa through tech, hence the name Zwarttech. Africa has an abundance of skilled, experienced, passionate and driven individuals who are limited in accessing the opportunities that exist in the global market.


Nelson T. Ajulo

With each successful match, Zwarttech is building uniform and strategic relationships within the tech sector between Africa and the West resulting in sustainable economic benefits for both. In addition, we mitigate risks and provide access to the global market. 

Through our service offering and the proper support of our Zwart Foundation, we aim to positively impact the lives of  75,000 people within the next five years. By having a 70% intake of women in our academy we seek to make the tech sector more inclusive and diverse. We help accelerate the careers of thousands of individuals across the continent from the comfort of their homes, thus alleviating the negative impact of brain drain and resulting in direct economic benefit to our Experts and their local community. In addition, we enable the West to scale its business and teams quickly, flexible, seamlessly and affordably.