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Our Vision: Bridging the Rising Tech Gap Between Africa & the West

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Our Vision: Bridging the Rising Tech Gap Between Africa & the West

31 Mar 2021

Zwarttech was founded to leave a positive impact on society. Being a mindful tech startup, we aim to sustainably address the unemployment challenge that Africa is facing and, at the same time, bridge the rising tech gap between the continents.

We envision a bright, sustainable future for the African youth.

We understand the struggles of skilled African youth when it comes to securing their careers. The African economy does not generate enough quality employment opportunities to ensure each of its skilled workforces is working on a decent job and living a good quality of life. African talents either move away from their loved ones to economically stable countries, searching for job opportunities or settle for less than what they deserve in their home countries. Most times, they move abroad detaches them from their families and does not give them a chance to boost their local economy with their skills.

Not only this, but a lot of Africans do not even get a chance to complete their education because of poverty. Despite being talented, young and wanting to study to enhance their skills further, expensive tuition costs come in their way of learning.

However, with a direct social return aimed at decent work creation, Zwarttech aims to address the issues that the African economy is currently facing and hopes to bring smiles to millions of faces!

Partner with us, and together we can ensure a bright African future

At Zwarttech, we believe in impact investing. We are a socially driven corporate that strives to leave a positive impact on the lives of everyone we work with. Along with our sustainable solutions to overcome employment and labour challenges for both continents, we aim to boost the local African economy, improving African youths’ quality of life. We do this in equal partnership and respect.

With our business practice, we aim to provide Africa-based IT engineers with remote work in the international IT market on an equal and fair basis. Simultaneously, we are the main contributor to the Zwart Talent NGO. Part of this NGO is the Zwart Talent Academy (ZTA), through which they aim to educate and empower the African youth to seize international opportunities.

Besides the ZTA, the Zwart Talent NGO has an Entrepreneurial Hub (ZTEH). The Entrepreneurial Hub was founded to ease the hardships that young IT Focused entrepreneurs encounter while starting their businesses, limiting their innovation. Expensive internet service, uninterrupted power supply, poor telecommunication services and lack of proper workspace comes in the way of productivity and limits their ability to participate in a circular economy. Therefore, there is a growing need for the Entrepreneurial Hub. ZTEH is a co-working space specially designed to provide young African entrepreneurs with an opportunity to grow and scale their business. They are equipped with free internet and an uninterrupted power supply, along with a decent working environment so that they can focus on their business.

Hence, from the Each Euro Matters Initiative (EEMI) to the ZTA, we leave no stone unturned to boost the local African community and sustainably empower its youthful population, full of entrepreneurial passion. Click on this link and find out more about our direct social return. Moreover, if your mission and vision align with ours and you are as passionate as us about sustainably boosting the local African economy, don’t hesitate to partner with us. Together, we can make this world a better place for everyone to live in!

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