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With Zwarttech, you can assemble a full team that is ready to follow your lead, but working and employed by Zwarttech. For specific projects, Zwarttech executes software projects by operating and using agile best practices.

Build your software development team with African IT Talent from Zwarttech.
Zwarttech is able to take over (part of) your software development team. An example of this can be a mobile development team, where Zwarttech can be competitively more cost effective and save up to 50% in costs. Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to reach out to us to find out more!

Let your specific software application or mobile app be developed by Zwarttech.
Specific apps, websites, webshops, back-end applications can be developed for you by Zwarttech. It can be fully controlled or under your control/supervision. We have plenty of possibilities so contact us to find out more!

We can of course understand if you have a million and one questions, so feel free to reach out to us and we will be more than happy to be of assistance!

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We are experts in building cost-effective yet highly proficient remote teams.

We offer:

   •    Outstaffing and outsourcing excellence in your preferred language and time zone.

   •    Highly qualified and results driven engineers with 5+ years of experience.

   •    Excellent competence-to-cost ratio.

   •    Best suited talent, hand picked, to leave an impact in your team.