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Outstaffing for StartUps

At Zwarttech we envision a competitive economy where startups and scaleups compete with big corporations in the market, limiting the chances of big names in the industry from forming a monopoly. To do so, we empower startups in the West by enabling them to compete with big companies in IT talent. Startups, at times, find it challenging to afford the same IT skills as the big corporations, especially when such skill is needed for their initial production and go-to-market strategy. Therefore, with Zwarttech’s StartUp Program, startups can afford to include top-notch IT talent to be a part of their teams to help them scale better and faster.

Our special StartUp Program:

    For StartUps younger than 3 years old

    With a maximum of 1,5 years in this Program

    With Referrals appreciation

    With 2 options:

    Front End-, Back End-, Mobile-, Full Stack-, DevOps Developers

    Most common technologies are supported

    All software engineers are employed full time by Zwarttech and working in our Technology Competence Center


   Minimum 200 hours
   Maximum 2,000 hours
   Maximum hours per week; 40
   Cost effective price
   Prepayment of 50%


   Minimum 10 hours per week
   Maximum 40 hours per week; 1 fte
   Higher price, but lower as standard
   Non used hours can be accrued
   Minimum contract length is 3 months
   Extension per month automatically


   Prio 1
   Prio 2

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We are experts in building cost-effective yet highly proficient remote teams.

We offer:

   •    Outstaffing and outsourcing excellence in your preferred language and time zone.

   •    Highly qualified and results driven engineers with 5+ years of experience.

   •    Excellent competence-to-cost ratio.

   •    Best suited talent, hand picked, to leave an impact in your team.