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Our Recruitment Process

Our Recruitment Process Overview

Recruiting IT Talent from Africa is very much different than recruiting from Europe, North America or any other continent. At Zwarttech we implemented a special process, where we can guarantee the quality of our Talent. We have defined a process of 6 steps, in which we will have multiple meetings with the Talent, where we check their technical skills, determine social skills, and if there is a cultural fit. We will also conduct reference checks, where together with the client, can determine to which depth it is done. Only when a Talent passes all steps, will the Talent be presented to the client.

Phases of our Recruitment process:


Receive new Request (input from step 3 from the Sales Process)


CV Review (Initial screening)


Code Challenge (technical skill assessment via online tests)


Recruiter Interview (Culture fit assessment)


Technical Stage (Functional assessment)


Reference Check (background assessment)


Present Resume for Reviewing (input for step 5 of the Sales Process)

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