Security and Cyber Security Specialist

Do you need greater protection of your information systems? Zwarttech provides remote Senior CyberSecurity Experts who will protect your systems from threats, CyberSecurity risks and vulnerabilities. Zwarttech can help you hire a range of Specialists that fit your requirements: Pentester, Ethical Hacker, SOC Analyst or information security officer.

Reasons to hire a remote Senior CyberSecurity Specialist with Zwarttech.

With the increase in cybercrimes, Zwarttechs Senior CyberSecurity Specialist is dedicated to securing the integrity of your business data and network.

With the increasing demand for Security Specialists, our fast recruitment team in Africa can find the right Senior Cybersecurity Specialist within 2-5 working days.

Our senior Cybersecurity Specialists offer continuous support by monitoring intrusions, attacks and unauthorised activity amongst networks.

To ensure your networks are secure, our Senior Cybersecurity Specialists will regularly audit systems and be available to investigate threats, security alerts and phishing emails.