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Steps to an Effective Virtual Employee Onboarding Process

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Steps to an Effective Virtual Employee Onboarding Process

10 Oct 2020

With the recent global change, a lot of companies have moved very quickly to a fully remote workforce. Much of this is familiar but recruiting and hiring, has also received a great shift. Several companies are currently struggling with transitioning to virtual onboarding. Onboarding new employees when everyone is working remotely has special challenges. Consider these best practices and tips to make your virtual onboarding process succeed.

Make your onboarding program last for a week

A five-day program creates an intentional plan of regular check-ins and touchpoints to make sure no new hire feels forgotten or overlooked. Establish a “meet-and-greet” roadmap, one that stretches out several days can help connect new employees with other individuals they should know to build their internal networks while remote.

Have a strong orientation schedule and task lists

It’s essential to be organized and have a detailed outline and schedule of what you expect from them. Make sure you have scheduled everyone’s calendars according to who will be taking part in the training of the new employee. First things first, make sure they have all their logins to all your tools, especially Slack or other internal communication tools, that way they can reach out to folks for help as needed. Have an efficient task list established with due dates and expectations clearly laid out.

Create a regular one-on-one video session

This allows you to break down barriers, feel more personable. Plus, as a leader, you will be able to gauge their body language, which will give you more insight on how things are truly going. Also, a regular video session allows new employees to ask all of their questions and get a clear explanation.

Company culture orientation

Company culture is just important in onboarding as day-to-day responsibilities. Introduce your virtual employees to more background on the company and other less concrete details. Pair them with a specific employee they can go to with questions in this area, It can be easy to forget about culture with virtual employees.

Encourage ongoing questions

At some point, your new remote teammate may feel that it’s past the time for them to ask questions about how to submit reports or how to get access to company resources. Let them know from the outset that you’re expecting questions for as long as they have them; after all, an answer that moves them forward faster is more efficient than aimless searches that could adversely affect results.

How you welcome a new hire and usher them into your company will have an enormous impact on how engaged they are and how quickly they reach their full potential and productivity. Companies that nail employee onboarding will have better engagement, retention, and talent branding. And there’s almost nothing that will turn new hires into enthusiastic company ambassadors like seeing your team putting in an extra effort to make them feel welcomed and valued.

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