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Techy Eyes on Africa: The Continent’s Tech Talent Being Recognised Internationally

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Techy Eyes on Africa: The Continent’s Tech Talent Being Recognised Internationally

15 June 2021

A decade ago, Africa was a continent struck by poverty and poor governance. It was known to be a prime crime location. Even today, stereotypes from the colonial era, memories of the terrible famines of the 1980s, and adverse reporting on refugees quickly obstruct a clear view of the living conditions of people in African countries. However, things are not the same way how they used to be back then. Today, Africa is closely watched as the next big growth market. From being home to the world’s youngest population, to be a promising primary consumption market in the coming decades, Africa is on the fast track towards economic prosperity!

Organizations in the West trying to bridge the gap between both continents

Africa’s advances in literacy and technology are being recognized globally. However, considering its aging population and shrinking labor pool, the West is leaning more towards mining the African IT talent. Projects such as MATCH Focal Point at IOM The Netherlands is doing an exceptional job at bridging the gap between Africa and Europe. This project connects Nigerian and Senagalese tech talent with companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, and Luxembourg which are in need of skilled professionals. According to Mia McKenzie, a project coordinator at IOM in The Hague, the end goal of this project is to contribute to the economic development in Africa and address Europe’s labor shortages. However, the project was hit hard by the pandemic as it had to adjust the expectations and deal with the international travel restrictions. According to the article published in by Marc Ferranti, one of the goals of the MATCH program was to promote the selection of women in IT.

Another example of an organization doing a tremendous job at promoting Africa is NABC. NABC is a Dutch-based organization with a strong mission to inform, inspire, catalyze and connect businesses with Africa’s opportunities and assist companies in making confident decisions about when, where, and how to do business in Africa. NABC collaborated with Zwarttech and interviewed Zwarttech’s Global Director of Sales & Marketing, Adriaan Romijn, who, during his interview, underlined Africa as a sleeping tech giant who has just woken. Therefore, many Western organizations have realized the importance of collaboration between Africa and the West and the benefits that both worlds could reap by building strong ties.

Zwarttech’s road towards building a sustainable future for both continents

These organizations/businesses are doing an exceptional job bridging the tech gap between Africa and the West. However, Zwarttech sees things a bit differently. We aim to bridge this gap but in a more sustainable manner. To do so, we have created a remote working model. Through our business model, we engage senior IT experts from Africa with companies in Europe or North America on a remote basis. By doing so, we prevent the chances of African human capital from leaving their home countries in search of better economic opportunities abroad and giving rise to a phenomenon called brain drain. Moreover, working with us, experts are paid up to 40% more on their current salary, positioning many of them in the top earners in their respective countries. With these earnings, they are given an opportunity to recirculate their income back into their local economies and boost those by accumulating assets, investing in entrepreneurship, acquiring quality education, and overall living a healthier environment with raised living standards. Working in the global IT market while being in their home countries, and without the need to move abroad, also ensures that these experts are not detached from their loved ones and can work in a healthy state of mind.

To build a sustainable and concrete foundation ensuring that Africa continues to house top IT talent, we have Zwart Academy and Zwart Hub. Zwart Academy trains impoverished youth in software development, cybersecurity, and leadership skills for six months with a one-year internship with Zwarttech. The admission ratio being 70% females and 30% males to empower women in IT.

Zwart Hub supports Africa's tech innovation. This Tech business incubator aims to support local African entrepreneurs to start, grow, and scale their business by providing them with an efficient workspace equipped with internet, an uninterrupted power supply, and mentorship.

To enable the Zwart Academy and Zwart Hub to enroll the top talent, we have Zwart Recruit. Zwart Recruit helps to connect and build a pool of senior top 1% African Tech Experts, who have gained a significant amount of expertise in their respective fields, and match them with International Job Opportunities in the West, namely Western Europe, UK, and North America.

Therefore, Zwarttech, along with several other organizations, is playing an active role in boosting the local African economy and ensuring a prosperous future for the West. Click on this link to check out a few of the social impact-driven initiatives we are currently undertaking to impact the African community positively. Moreover, you can also click on this link to check out our extensive range of IT services offered to the companies in the West to make sure they achieve their IT milestones and cost-effectively run their IT departments.

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