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Ensuring Economic Prosperity: Top 3 Ways Zwarttech Gives Rise to a Healthy Competition Between SME’s and Big Corporations

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Ensuring Economic Prosperity: Top 3 Ways Zwarttech Gives Rise to a Healthy Competition Between SME’s and Big Corporations

02 July 2021

We at Zwarttech work towards boosting the economy by enabling healthy competition between the corporate sector. We look forward to a future where startups compete with big corporations in terms of IT talent and a future where the high cost of IT talent is not something that drives entrepreneurs away from their entrepreneurial passion. We believe that healthy competition stimulates growth and generates substantial benefits for the economy. Competition is a constant stimulation. Not that it only allows new entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, but also for established companies, economic competition is an incentive to keep innovating and improve their productivity. This way, they remain efficient and effective and can stay in the race to continue attracting customers. Therefore, at Zwarttech, we ensure healthy competition between startups, scaleups, and big corporations in terms of IT talent.

Read more to know how we match companies with the most-suited IT expert to ensure productivity, efficiency, and reduce costs.

1.    We hand-pick the best suited IT experts to be a part of your IT team.

Zwarttech has built a pool of more than 1000 best IT experts from Africa with over five years of prior work experience in top-performing IT teams. We have untapped the African IT talent pool to pick the finest experts to engage them with the companies in Europe, USA, UK, and Asia. Our experts are incredibly productive and add visible value to the teams they are engaged with. With their hands-on experience and skills in their respective IT fields, they start to get their hands dirty with tasks from day 1. Not only that we ensure that the developer is highly skilled and experienced, but our recruiters also consider your company’s culture and work environment. They match you with the developer that would fit best in your company’s culture and would seamlessly blend in with your in-house IT team.

2.    We ensure that you cut down on your IT costs up to 60%

We understand that startups and scaleups sometimes find it difficult to afford the best IT talent to be a part of their teams. Affording top-notch IT experts is something big corporations leverage on and at the same time, this is something that drives SME’s away from achieving their goals. This unhealthy situation creates an imbalance in the economy, allowing big corporations to form monopolies with enough power to arbitrarily raise prices and prevent other companies from entering their territory. At the same time, the high cost of IT talent in the West drives future entrepreneurs away from their passion as they find it challenging to start their businesses in this modern digital era. That’s exactly where we as a company jump in and ensure that anyone wanting to start their own business in the West is given a chance to do so, and SME’s can include top-notch IT experts in their IT teams and compete with the big corporations.

Despite being equally skilled and experienced as Western IT experts, our African IT experts are much more affordable. This is mainly due to the low labor cost in Africa. In addition, Zwarttech also takes care of all legal and administrative matters to make the process easier and even more cost-effective for our clients. Moreover, with our special StartUp Program, its, even more easier for startups to include the finest IT experts to be a part of their team. For more information, you can drop your queries here.

3.    We give SME’s and Startups a chance to engage senior IT experts with their teams.

While the pandemic struck a blow to employment in most sectors, the tech industry is experiencing a boom as companies look for talent to help them deliver on new solutions and make much-needed upgrades to their IT infrastructure. However, the West has always struggled to meet the demand for tech skills, and recently it’s only been exacerbated by additional converging factors in the middle of the pandemic. As a result, companies in the West simply can’t source enough tech talent and need to look at different ways to create this net-new supply of highly skilled and experienced IT experts. Therefore, Zwarttech looks at the world’s youngest continent, Africa, to source senior IT experts from and engage them with the companies in the West. Doing so, we bridge the tech gap between Africa and the West and give Western companies a chance to include senior IT experts with over five years of experience in their teams.

So, get in touch with us and learn more about our IT services.

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