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Vison, Mission & Values.

We envision a future where African people are empowered to seize opportunities to work with partners across the globe on an equal & fair basis, and in a healthy work environment. Talents can work within their home country and enjoy family life while boosting their local community and economy. There is no brain drain; knowledge is efficiently deployed across the globe, while everyone enjoys their fundamental human rights.

We match and make opportunities arise by bridging the global talent gap in the IT sector. We see a major win-win in the knowledge gap between the Western world and the African continent. The young and high-potential African population complements the ageing population of the Western world.

Therefore, we close this gap while working on social impact-driven (values) because we believe that this is beneficial for all; individually and collectively, for the people and the economies. We remove several obstacles to pave the way for full potential deployment.

Distance is not an issue because we make the connection happen through a secure digital infrastructure. The COVID-19 pandemic reinforces our mission since digital mobility is more commonly accepted and is now mostly preferred over the physical presence of work sources. Possible cultural or lingual differences between partners are bridged by our integrated training and education programs. Reputational issues of the African continent are countered with positive branding and by our living example. Risks are mitigated collectively instead of individually. This enables African talents to focus and excel in their work. We ease the access to the global market by executing background checks, facilitating the hiring process and organising insurances.

We stand for humanity. We believe that all humans are equal in fundamental worth and moral status. Consequently, people have a fundamental human right to be treated equally and enjoy equal opportunities. To ensure a humane environment, we provide the opportunity for the enjoyment of family life, a healthy lifestyle, decent work, safe work environment, and personal development. Humanity and equality are in our DNA, and we proudly represent and express this through our organisation, services and partnerships.

We stand for inclusion. We believe in the beauty of pluralism. Differences are considered uniting qualities instead of dividing factors. We strive for inclusion by securing high diversity in our organisation, from the bottom to the top. Diversity and inclusion lead to better solutions, more creativity and greater innovations. People that work in inclusive environments feel self-confident and appreciated, resulting in top-notch output.

We value sustainability. We are in it for the long run. African communities should be empowered in a sustainable way. Help and charity will become redundant because different economies worldwide are empowered to operate on the same common ground of equality and fairness.

We believe in branding. We feel that the world`s negative perception of Africa is one of the underlying issues of inequality. Positive branding, image building and telling the right stories will contribute to changing perceptions of Africa positively, enabling it to reach its true potential.

We believe in entrepreneurship. We believe autonomy and exploration are vital to the success of individuals. All persons deserve the opportunity to exercise entrepreneurship in an equal and trustworthy environment and infrastructure.

We believe in partnership. Closing the gap is a win-win for all stakeholders involved. We are maximising economic development by mobilising knowledge globally; this will benefit both the Western and African economies. While economies enjoy the optimal price/quality ratio, our socially driven way of working ensures that corporations benefit and that individuals gain from the transatlantic partnerships’ economic success.

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