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Zwarttech envisions a bright future for the West and Africa.

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Zwarttech envisions a bright future for the West and Africa.

16 Apr 2021

Zwarttech was founded to leave a positive impact on society. Its operations aim to address some of the significant problems that the West and Africa are currently facing and the problems that both continents can encounter shortly if left unresolved. The goal of the services rendered by Zwarttech is to form equitable relations between both of the continents to generate sustainable economic benefits by bridging the tech gap and deploying knowledge efficiently across the globe.

Zwarttech’s Vision

Today, to secure a peaceful and prosperous future for either of the continents requires cooperation by building equitable strategic relationships that benefit Europe as much as it helps Africa, especially in the long run. Therefore, Zwarttech’s business practices aim to create trust through several infrastructures, mitigate risk and bridge the gap between Europe and Africa.

Moreover, Zwarttech aims for a flourishing European economy where startups and scaleups compete with the larger corporations, limiting the chances of big names in the industry from forming a monopoly. To do so, Zwarttech empowers startups in the West by enabling them to compete with large companies in IT talent. Startups, at times, find it challenging to afford the same IT skills as the big corporations, especially when such skill is needed for their initial production and go-to-market strategy.

On the other hand, Zwarttech envisions a future where every African talent has the opportunity to exercise its fundamental human right for equal and fair work and experiences an excellent quality of life without moving abroad in search of better opportunities.

Zwarttech’s sustainable business practices to achieve its vision and mission

Zwarttech empowers startups and scaleups to afford to include top-notch IT talent to be a part of their teams to help them scale better and faster. Our African IT Talent has added value to clients IT teams with their expertise and hard work. Moreover, Zwarttech works only with the top-notch IT talents who get on board with the company after passing the high-end international standard technical skills tests. Therefore, Zwart Tech Talents are bound to be internationally competitive and add value to your IT team and enable your team to scale better and faster. Our recruiters handpick the most suited IT talent to be a part of your team after listening to all of your IT needs and analysing your company culture.

Furthermore, to ensure a bright future for Africa, Zwarttech believes in impact investing. We are a socially driven corporate aimed at leaving a positive impact on the lives of everyone we work with. Along with our sustainable solutions to overcome employment and labour challenges for both continents, we aim to boost the local African economy, improving African youth’s quality of life.

With our business practice, we aim to provide African based IT engineers to work remotely in the international IT market on an equal and fair basis. Simultaneously, we are the main contributor to the Zwart Talent NGO. Part of this NGO is the Zwart Talent Academy (ZTA), through which they aim to educate and empower the African youth to seize international opportunities. Hence, from the Each Euro Matters Initiative (EEMI) to the Zwart Talent Academy ZTA, Zwarttech leaves no stone unturned to boost the local African community and sustainably empower its youthful population, full of entrepreneurial passion. Click on this link and find out more about our social impact.

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